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World Cup Matches > World Cup 2018 - Top Goalscorer Saudi Arabia

Betting applies to 90 mins + injury time only. Extra-time and penalties not included unless otherwise stated.
For betting purposes the team named first is deemed to be the 'Home' team.

Monday, May 28, 2018 @ 14:45
  • No Goalscorer Closed
  • Al-Sahlawi, Mohammed Closed
  • Al-Jassim, Taisir Closed
  • AL Abid, Nawaf Closed
  • Radeah Assiri, Muhannad Ahmed Abu Closed
  • AL Muwallad, Fahad Closed
  • AL Dawsari, Salem Closed
  • AL Faraj, Salman Closed
  • Hawsawi, Osama Closed
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