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  • General betting rules apply to all Super Bowl betting. In addition, the following rules are specific to betting on Super Bowl.
  • Betting on Super Bowl games requires that games go at least 55 minutes of play for bets on the game to have "action".
  • Super Bowl overtime periods count as part of the wagered game, if played, unless otherwise noted.
  • Bets on any Super Bowl game that is postponed or abandoned before at least 55 minutes of play will be considered "no action", unless the outcome of the bet has already been decided at the time of abandonment - i.e. "first touchdown scorer bets" will stand once a touchdown has been scored in the game.
  • NFL betting on any Super Bowl game must go 55 minutes of play for a bet on the Over/Under to be considered "action", even if the total score in the game is already more than the over handicap offered for that event.
  • A Winning Super Bowl Betting Margin: Winning margin betting is from scratch (the start of the game)
  • Quarter/First Half NFL Wagers: The football quarter stated must be completed for bets to have "action". The 4th Quarter does not include overtime.
  • Live Super Bowl Betting: Live Super Bowl betting is offered on selected games with point spread lines available and updated while the game is in running. The spread quoted is for the whole football game, including overtime, if played.
  • Super Bowl is the biggest day for NFL betting for Sports Interaction players.

    The main action when you bet on Super Bowl games is in pointspread, or line, betting, where the sportsbook decides on a margin of victory for the favorite that will make either team an attractive betting proposition. Consider the example below:

    Pittsburgh Steelers +3.0 -110
    Arizona Cardinals -3.0 -110

    In the example, the NFL betting spread is set at three points. The +3.0 after the Pittsburgh Steelers means that the Steelers are the underdog in this game; the Steelers must either win, or not lose by more than three points, for a bet on the Steelers to win.

    The -3.0 after the Arizona Cardinals means that the Cardinals are the favorite; the Cardinals must win by more than three points for a bet on the Cardinals to win.

    If the Cardinals win by exactly three points, then the bet is said to have fallen on the spread and is deemed a push. All bets are voided and the stakes returned in this instance.

    The second number, -110, after each team is the price of a winning bet on NFL football. A winning bettor will win $100 for every $110 bet.

    For a football game to have action, the game must be played for at least 55 minutes actual play. Overtime counts if played, and there are a selection of related betting markets to add extra value, choice and excitement, such as totals, moneyline, winning margin Super Bowl betting, and more! For more information on how to bet on Super Bowl XLIV at Dolphin Stadium, please visit our Help Center from the navigation above!

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