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NHL Betting Rules

General betting rules apply to all NHL betting. In addition, the following rules are specific to betting on NHL hockey.

  • Games must go at least 55 minutes of play for bets on the puckline or moneyline to have 'action'.
  • The game must go to full-time (including overtime and shootouts if necessary) for over/under bets to have 'action'.
  • If the game ends in overtime tied and goes to a shootout, one extra goal will be added to the winning teams regulation and overtime score for the purposes of determining all hockey bets and live betting hockey bets (including Over/under and Winning margin and Grand Salami bets), with the exception of 60 Minute betting and period betting.
  • Regulation time bets are settled based on regulation time play only. The game must go at least 55 minutes of play for bets on regulation time to count. Overtime and shootout goals are not included.
  • Period betting - The full period must be played for action. Overtime and shootouts do not count toward third period betting.
  • Bets on any match that is postponed or abandoned before it is 'official' (55 mins) will be considered 'no action', unless the outcome of the bet has already been decided at the time of abandonment - i.e. first team to score will stand once there has been a score in the game.
  • When betting on race to 3 goals, the game must go 55 minutes for action unless one team has scored at least 3 goals. In the event that one team scores at least 3 goals, all bets have action regardless of how much of the game is played.
  • All bets include overtime and shootouts unless otherwise stated.

NHL Betting Guide

The National Hockey League's season runs from October until early June, when the eventual Champions of the NHL are awarded the Stanley Cup. The puckline is hockey's version of pointspread betting. Hockey betting also offers the "Grand Salami" Bet, a totals bet where players bet on the total number of goals scored on that particular day. NHL games must go 55 minutes to be considered "action." To understand puckline betting, consider the example below:

Philadelphia +1.5 -240
Toronto -1.5 +195

In the example above, Philadelphia is the underdog, as indicated by the plus (+) sign in the puckline. These figures mean that anyone betting on Philadelphia wins if Philadelphia either wins or doesn't lose to Toronto by more than 1.5 goals. The second number, -240, is the price - this means that if Philadelphia wins or doesn't lose by more than 1.5 goals the bettor wins $100 for every $240 wagered.

In the second line Toronto must win by more than 1.5 goals for the bet to win. In this event, the bettor wins $195 for every $100 wagered.

NHL Betting News

2016 NHL All Star Game Odds: Bet John Scott for MVP

NHL All Star weekend and its biggest star could be John Scott, the last player the league wanted in Nashville. The NHL All Star weekend is usually a fun event for the fans, headlined by superstars like Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Jonathan Toews and Carey Price, but none of those guys are in Nashville this year. […]

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NHL Stanley Cup Odds: Washington Capitals New Favourites

This NHL season has been a rollercoaster but for now, the Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup favourites. The list of what Alex Ovechkin hasn’t accomplished in his 11-year National Hockey League career isn’t long, but one major omission remains: a Stanley Cup championship. This year could be his best chance to hoist Lord Stanley’s mug […]

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Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins: NHL Picks

One of the great hockey rivalries between two Original Six teams is set for another battle tonight in Montreal. The Boston Bruins will visit the Montreal Canadiens after losing two games in a row after a 6-1 winning streak. The Habs are the team to beat, with a league-leading 25 points. They are fresh off […]

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Monday, February 8, 2016


  • Anaheim   Closed
  • Pittsburgh   Closed
  • Anaheim   Closed
  • Pittsburgh   Closed
  • Over   Closed
  • Under   Closed


  • New Jersey +1.5 -195
  • NY Rangers -1.5 +170
  • New Jersey   +150
  • NY Rangers   -180
  • Over +4.5 -135
  • Under +4.5 +115


  • Florida +1.5 -305
  • Detroit -1.5 +245
  • Florida   -105
  • Detroit   -115
  • Over +5.0 -105
  • Under +5.0 -115


  • Tampa Bay -1.5 +205
  • Ottawa +1.5 -250
  • Tampa Bay   -140
  • Ottawa   +120
  • Over +5.5 +125
  • Under +5.5 -140
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