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NFL Futures Betting

If you're a savvy sports pundit or gifted fortune teller, then betting on National Football League futures with Sports Interaction is for you! With futures, players can throw down on a team's regular-season win total, which team will win its respective division, which team will win the American and National Football Conferences and - the granddaddy of them all - Super Bowl betting. If you think the over is too low for the Lions' total season wins, you can bet it. If you think Atlanta or Kansas City is a good sleeper bet to go all the way like the Giants or the Saints, you can bet them. For all your regular-season and playoff predictions and plays, check out Sports Interaction's NFL Futures for the most comprehensive and interactive sports betting around!

NFL Futures Betting Rules

General betting rules apply to all NFL football futures bets. In addition, the following rules are specific to betting on NFL futures.

  • All NFL football games including Super Bowl Betting must go at least 55 minutes of play for futures bets on the game to have 'action'.
  • Football overtime periods count as part of the wagered game, if played, unless otherwise noted for all NFL futures bets and betting on the Super Bowl.
  • Futures bets on any Super Bowl or NFL football game that is postponed or abandoned before at least 55 minutes of play will be considered 'no action', unless the outcome of the bet has already been decided at the time of abandonment - i.e. 'first touchdown scorer bets' will stand once a touchdown has been scored in the game.
  • An NFL college game or superbowl betting must go 55 minutes of play for a futures bet on the Over/Under to be considered 'action', even if the total score in the game is already more than the over handicap offered for that event.
  • A Winning NFL football Futures Bet Margin: Winning margin betting is from scratch (the start of the game)

NFL Futures Betting Guide

A futures bet is a bet on an event where there are many competitors, sometimes made long in advance of the event taking place.

Futures are most common in events like Super Bowl betting, motor racing, NASCAR, or golf, among others. Futures are also posted in major competitions, like Major League Baseball and the NFL, at the start of the season, where players can get better odds on a team in which they have confidence than they would get later in the season or complete early Superbowl betting.

Because of the number of competitors, futures bets offer larger payouts. The larger payoffs are offset by the increased difficulty of picking a winner.

NFL Futures Betting News

Seattle Seahawks Open as NFL Super Bowl 50 Favorites

The Seattle Seahawks may have come up short in their bid for back-to-back Super Bowl championships Sunday night against the New England Patriots, but that didn’t deter oddsmakers as they posted odds for next year’s Super Bowl. Sports Interaction opened its Super Bowl 50 odds with the Seahawks set as a +500 favorite. The Patriots […]

2015 Super Bowl XLIX Odds, Bets, Prediction: Patriots vs. Seahawks

What are the odds Trying to pin down a pointspread for Super Bowl XLIX has proven about as difficult as getting a useful quote out of Marshawn Lynch. The New England Patriots opened as a Pick ‘em against the Seattle Seahawks at Sports Interaction, but after a steady stream of Patriots action, New England moved […]

2015 Super Bowl Prop Odds: Weird Bets for Super Bowl XLIX

When it comes to Super Bowl XLIX prop bets, the crazier the better. That’s why we put together a smörgåsbord of bets covering everything from Doritos’ commercial contest, to halftime entertainment, to what’s now unfortunately known as DeflateGate. Check out Sports Interaction’s full page of prop odds here. If you’re the type of person that bets “heads” […]

Football > NFL Futures

Monday, January 18, 2016

19:00 2015/16 AFC Championship - Outright  

  • New England Patriots   Closed
  • Denver Broncos   Closed
  • Indianapolis Colts   Closed
  • Baltimore Ravens   Closed
  • Pittsburgh Steelers   Closed
  • San Diego Chargers   Closed
  • Cincinnati Bengals   Closed
  • Kansas City Chiefs   Closed
  • Houston Texans   Closed
  • Buffalo Bills   Closed
  • Miami Dolphins   Closed
  • Cleveland Browns   Closed
  • New York Jets   Closed
  • Tennessee Titans   Closed
  • Oakland Raiders   Closed
  • Jacksonville Jaguars   Closed

19:00 2015/16 NFC Championship - Outright  

  • Seattle Seahawks   Closed
  • Green Bay Packers   Closed
  • Dallas Cowboys   Closed
  • San Francisco 49ers   Closed
  • Philadelphia Eagles   Closed
  • New Orleans Saints   Closed
  • Detroit Lions   Closed
  • Carolina Panthers   Closed
  • New York Giants   Closed
  • Arizona Cardinals   Closed
  • Atlanta Falcons   Closed
  • St Louis Rams   Closed
  • Chicago Bears   Closed
  • Minnesota Vikings   Closed
  • Washington Redskins   Closed
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Closed

Monday, February 1, 2016

19:00 Super Bowl 50 - Outright  

  • Seattle Seahawks   +599
  • New England Patriots   +701
  • Green Bay Packers   +698
  • Denver Broncos   +1200
  • Dallas Cowboys   +1400
  • Indianapolis Colts   +800
  • Philadelphia Eagles   +1800
  • San Francisco 49ers   +3300
  • Baltimore Ravens   +2500
  • Detroit Lions   +3300
  • Pittsburgh Steelers   +2000
  • New Orleans Saints   +3300
  • Arizona Cardinals   +2000
  • Cincinnati Bengals   +3300
  • Atlanta Falcons   +4000
  • Carolina Panthers   +4000
  • Miami Dolphins   +3300
  • San Diego Chargers   +4000
  • Houston Texans   +5000
  • Kansas City Chiefs   +4000
  • St Louis Rams   +4000
  • New York Giants   +2500
  • Buffalo Bills   +3300
  • Minnesota Vikings   +4900
  • Chicago Bears   +5000
  • Cleveland Browns   +7600
  • New York Jets   +5100
  • Washington Redskins   +10100
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers   +15200
  • Jacksonville Jaguars   +19600
  • Oakland Raiders   +7600
  • Tennessee Titans   +19600
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