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College Basketball Futures Betting

March Madness is months away but Sports Interaction is the sportsbook for College Basketball fans who can see how the season is going to play out. Parlay your knowledge of College Hoops into winnings with our NCAA Basketball futures bets. We've got season-long bets on which team will win each conference and NCAA tournament. Will Kentucky capture the SEC crown? Is North Carolina ready to regain ACC dominance? Can the Syracuse Orange continue to dominate the Big East, or is this the year West Virginia establishes itself as a power team? From Conference USA to the Pac-10, Sports Interaction has all your conference and postseason play covered. When it comes time to March Madness, Sports Interaction is the place to be as well. If you've got a Cinderella candidate for the national title or a sleeper team that could get to the Final Four and beyond, our NCAA basketball futures are a great place to lay your bets!

College Basketball Futures Betting Rules

General betting rules apply to all college basketball futures betting. In addition, the following rules are specific to betting on NCAA basketball futures such as futures on March Madness betting.

  • Pointspread and moneyline bets on NCAA basketball have 'action' after 35 minutes of play in college basketball games.
  • For over/under bets the game must play to full time for bets to have 'action'.
  • Overtime counts in the settlement of all college basketball betting on NCAA basketball games unless otherwise stated.
  • All games must start on the scheduled date for bets to have 'action'.
  • Winning Margin: Winning margin betting is from scratch (the start of the game).

College Basketball Futures Betting Guide

A futures bet is a bet on an event where there are many competitors, sometimes made long in advance of the event taking place.

Futures are most common in events like March Madness betting, motor racing, NASCAR, or golf, among others. Futures are also posted in major competitions, like Major League Baseball and the NFL, at the start of the season, where players can get better odds on a team in which they have confidence than they would get later in the season or start early to bet on the NCAA basketball tournament odds.

Because of the number of competitors, futures bets offer larger payouts. The larger payoffs are offset by the increased difficulty of picking a winner.

College Basketball Futures Betting News

Duke Defeats Michigan State, Wisconsin Upsets Kentucky

Duke Defeats Michigan State, Advances to Championship Game While no. 7 seed Michigan State’s advancement to the Final Four proved to be yet another story of an underdog looking for their next upset, facing no. 1 seed Duke proved to be too much to handle for Sparty. MSU took the court with a lot of […]

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Women’s NCAA Final Four Features Four No. 1 Seeds

For the third time in the history of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament, the Final Four will consist of four no. 1 seeds competing for the right to play in the national championship game. UConn, Maryland and Notre Dame will all return in a repeat of 2014’s Women’s Final Four with South Carolina making it’s […]

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NCAA March Madness Brackets: May the Odds Be Never In Your Favor

Prior to the beginning of the 2014 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, Quicken Loans and Warren Buffet ran a promotion that would pay out $1 billion to any individual that could fill out a perfect bracket. Despite no one winning the pot last year, Quicken Loans and Buffet did not offer the same deal in 2015. […]

The post NCAA March Madness Brackets: May the Odds Be Never In Your Favor appeared first on Sports Interaction Blog.

Basketball > NCAA Futures

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

  2016 NCAA Championship - Outright  

  • North Carolina     +600
  • Kansas    +800
  • Maryland     +800
  • Michigan State     +800
  • Oklahoma     +900
  • Virginia     +1000
  • Duke     +1200
  • Iowa     +1200
  • Kentucky     +1200
  • Villanova     +1200
  • Xavier     +1200
  • Purdue     +2000
  • West Virginia     +2000
  • Wichita State     +2000
  • Oregon    +2500
  • Arizona    +3000
  • Iowa State     +3000
  • Miami Florida     +3000
  • Providence     +4000
  • Texas A&M     +4000
  • Indiana     +4500
  • Gonzaga     +5000
  • LSU     +5000
  • Texas     +5000
  • U Conn     +6000
  • California    +6500
  • Notre Dame     +6500
  • Butler     +8000
  • Vanderbilt     +8000
  • Michigan     +8500
  • Dayton     +10000
  • Utah     +10000
  • Pittsburgh     +12500
  • South Carolina     +12500
  • Syracuse     +12500
  • Baylor    +15000
  • Cincinnati     +15000
  • Florida     +15000
  • UCLA     +17500
  • Marquette     +20000
  • BYU     +25000
  • Georgetown     +25000
  • San Diego State     +25000
  • Wisconsin     +25000
  • UNLV     +30000
  • Florida State     +35000
  • Tennessee     +35000
  • Colorado     +45000
  • Clemson     +50000
  • Creighton     +50000
  • Kansas State     +50000
  • Ohio State     +50000
  • Oklahoma State     +50000
  • Ole Miss     +50000
  • Seton Hall     +50000
  • Washington     +50000
  • Memphis     +65000
  • NC State    +65000
  • New Mexico     +75000
  • Arizona State     +85000
  • Arkansas     +95000
  • Auburn     +95000
  • Boston College     +95000
  • Georgia     +95000
  • Georgia Tech     +95000
  • Harvard    +95000
  • Illinois     +95000
  • Minnesota     +95000
  • Nebraska     +95000
  • Stanford     +95000
  • St Joes     +95000
  • St Johns    +95000
  • St Louis     +95000
  • U Mass     +95000
  • Virginia Tech     +95000
  • Wake Forest    +95000

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