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NBA Futures Betting

The best hoopsters in the world play in the NBA, the basketball that the entire planet watches. A marathon season of 1,230 games in the regular season is capped by two months of wild playoffs where the great players of the league transcend into legend. The thirty teams are divided into two Conferences, and these are then divided into three divisions. Basketball betting opportunities abound in every game, but you can also make money by betting on futures - who'll win the divisions, the Conference, and the NBA Championship itself! Get in the game today with Sports Interaction!

NBA Futures Betting Rules

General betting rules apply to all NBA futures betting. In addition, the following rules are specific to betting on NBA basketball futures such as betting on the 2010 NBA championship.

  • Pointspread and moneyline bets on NBA basketball have 'action' after 43 minutes of play in NBA games.
  • For over/under bets the game must play to full time for bets to have 'action'.
  • Overtime counts in the settlement of all NBA betting on basketball games unless otherwise stated.
  • All games must start on the scheduled date for bets to have 'action'.
  • Winning Margin: Winning margin betting is from scratch (the start of the game).

NBA Futures Betting Guide

A futures bet is a bet on an event where there are many competitors, sometimes made long in advance of the event taking place.

Futures are most common in events like 2010 NBA championship betting, motor racing, NASCAR, or golf, among others. Futures are also posted in major competitions, like Major League Baseball and the NFL, at the start of the season, where players can get better odds on a team in which they have confidence than they would get later in the season or start early to bet on the 2010 NBA championship.

Because of the number of competitors, futures bets offer larger payouts. The larger payoffs are offset by the increased difficulty of picking a winner.

NBA Futures Betting News

Canadian Steve Nash Says NBA Retirement is Near

Steve Nash has nothing left to prove in the National Basketball Association and admits that retirement is nearing. Nash, a veteran of 19 years in the NBA, told reporters earlier this week that he’ll likely retire after playing one more season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Sports Interaction’s NBA futures odds “I think this is […]

Forget Kevin Love, Cavaliers Should Sign and Keep Andrew Wiggins

Forgive the Cleveland Cavaliers for getting a little ahead of themselves – after all they just lured the best basketball player in the world back to Ohio. So you can understand why they might want to go all in and strike while the iron’s hot in the hunt for an NBA championship. That’s why it […]

NBA Draft Odds: Andrew Wiggins favorite No. 1 pick for Cavaliers

Once again, the 2014 National Basketball Association Entry Draft has become all about Canadian phenom Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins was heralded as the sure-fire No. 1 overall pick at this year’s NBA Draft when he announced he’d play his NBA warmup year with the Kansas Jayhawks. He did nothing to detract from that lofty status with Kansas, […]

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

00:00 2015 NBA Championship - Outright  

  • Cleveland Cavaliers   +274
  • San Antonio Spurs   +392
  • Oklahoma City Thunder   +555
  • Chicago Bulls   +800
  • Los Angeles Clippers   +900
  • Houston Rockets   +1200
  • Miami Heat   +1600
  • Golden State Warriors   +2300
  • Washington   +2900
  • Dallas Mavericks   +3200
  • Indiana Pacers   +3400
  • Toronto Raptors   +3900
  • Los Angeles Lakers   +4000
  • Portland Trailblazers   +4000
  • Brooklyn Nets   +4100
  • Phoenix Suns   +4100
  • Memphis   +4200
  • New York Knicks   +4200
  • Charlotte Hornets   +4200
  • Atlanta   +7300
  • Denver Nuggets   +7400
  • Boston Celtics   +8300
  • New Orleans Pelicans   +8300
  • Detroit Pistons   +8400
  • Minnesota   +15700
  • Orlando Magic   +15700
  • Sacramento Kings   +15700
  • Utah Jazz   +15700
  • Philadelphia   +20800
  • Milwaukee Bucks   +26300
Eastern Conference Outright
  • Cleveland Cavaliers   -124
  • Chicago Bulls   +225
  • Washington   +1400
  • Miami Heat   +1600
  • Indiana Pacers   +2000
  • Charlotte Hornets   +2400
  • New York Knicks   +2500
  • Toronto Raptors   +2500
  • Brooklyn Nets   +2800
  • Atlanta   +4000
  • Boston Celtics   +5000
  • Detroit Pistons   +10100
  • Orlando Magic   +10100
  • Milwaukee Bucks   +15000
  • Philadelphia   +15000
Western Conference Outright
  • San Antonio Spurs   +225
  • Oklahoma City Thunder   +300
  • Los Angeles Clippers   +549
  • Dallas Mavericks   +800
  • Houston Rockets   +800
  • Golden State Warriors   +1000
  • Portland Trailblazers   +2000
  • Memphis   +2400
  • Los Angeles Lakers   +3300
  • Denver Nuggets   +4000
  • New Orleans Pelicans   +4000
  • Phoenix Suns   +4000
  • Minnesota   +7600
  • Sacramento Kings   +12500
  • Utah Jazz   +12500
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